Staying on-brand across all channels

Wilhemina saw a need to be able to clearly communicate their brand to all internal stakeholders – especially in the wake of an extensive reimagining of everything from target audience to store concept and advertising design. The biggest challenge was to find a system that allowed easy access for employees on a wide range of devices, with a simple to use navigation and overview.

Furthermore, they were looking for a solution that could continuously be updated and improved. A goal from the very beginning was to create a central hub for answers to frequently asked questions, where employees could find the latest information.

Incredible results

Online sales increased by 100%. Smoother collaborative processes for in-house creative departments and external production agencies.
Time saving.
The marketing department can now easily change individual parts of brand ads without affecting the rest of the template all in real time. Pre-defined ad sizes instantly create a plethora of ready to use variations. Our solution allows great, close collaboration with Elon to assist in increasing sales on the brand’s e-commerce site.

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