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A quick overview of the key features

MyBrandPortal is a smart and cost effective solution for easy and professional management of your assets.

An ideal online portal to store your digital files in a structured and safe cloud environment. Easily share and control access of your brand. No maintenance required.

Use an eye-catching inspiration page

An online bulletin board from where you can share your visual inspiration and knowledge in an easy way with authorized colleague’s or customers.

Inspire your customers with eye-catching designs and presentation materials.

Easy and attractive interface

Clear, user friendly and intuitive interface. Simple asset sharing with insights and control over your material.

Experience easy upload and folder management. Cost effective and fast, for both you and your customers.

Add customers using individual rights management

Users and individual rights management allows you to share your assets in a selective and controlled way.

Check the box and download!

Offer your customers the option to download different file sizes and individual or multiple downloads.

Share your files in various formats

MyBrandPortal allows your customer to download your source materials, low resolution materials or both. It’s up to you which materials you want to make available.

Create folders for your content and invite users to this specific content

No more time consuming search for photo’s, texts or other digital assets. MyBrandPortals offers a fast and easy search engine.
Efficient for both you and your customers.

Create folders, keywords and use tags to enjoy the advantage that your materials are found and made available in a split second.

Switch between your client portals

Do you own more brands or need a multi brand environment? Switch between brands with one single log in.

Individually manage the access to brands and folders to your partners.