How the rebranding journey became a success

Rebranding should not be taken lightly. Hellema knew this in 2019 when they decided to embark on a rebranding journey. Part of their goal: Update and modernise their visual identity to establish Hellema as the delivery brand of choice for e-commerce consumers. With 28.000 employees in five countries and an extensive delivery network including both parcel and letter terminals, distributing the brand and ensuring brand consistency can be challenging.

They knew that to be successful with their brand launch they had to have everyone on board, teaching them how to use the brand and ensuring everyone recognized the new brand values and identity from day one. To reach their launch ambitions and goals they saw the benefit of digitising everything about their new brand design, establishing one source of truth that everyone can access to locate what they need.

Prior to launching their new brand, Hellema worked with designers and creative agencies to define new colours, fonts, icons, patterns, imagery, layout systems and more. Once the new, modern brand identity was shaped, a unique and brand-distinctive version of Brand Hub was created to align with the identity.

From the launch date, everyone had access to the exact same information about their new brand including complete brand guidelines, new templates and a media archive for downloading new brand assets. This way they could better control the distribution and logistics of their new brand and eliminate the use of old brand elements.

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